Ghost Adventures TV Schedule April 17 and 18 #GAAftershocks @Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @JayWasley @BillyTolley @travelchannel

Bonnie:vulture GAA

Friday, April 17

noon Kell’s Irish Pub

1 pm Goldfield, NV

2 pm Point Sur Lighthouse

3 pm Cripple Creek

4 pm Queen Mary

 Saturday, April 18

5 pm New Orleans

6 pm Missouri State Prison

7 pm Overland Hotel and Saloon

8 pm Market Street Cinema

9 pm Aftershocks: Bonnie Springs/Vulture Mines (NEW)

Zak Bagans reopens investigations of Bonnie Springs Ranch & Vulture Mine. Zak watches an intense home video of a tour guide at Bonnie Springs become possessed, and he receives sad news about the Vulture Mine’s fate.

Source: Travel Channel


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