Updates on Zak’s documentary film “The Demon House” @Zak_Bagans @TheDemonHouse @UncleCreepy @DreadCentral

“In anticipation of Zak Bagans’ (“Ghost Adventures”) upcoming film, The Demon House, based upon his stay in the haunted home that he purchased following the strange events which befell Latoya Ammons and her family in Gary, Indiana, we got in touch with Zak to see how things are progressing.

“The Demon House is currently in full-time post-production and we are very pleased to recently bring a very talented musician to score the film. Someone I am a very big fan of.”Bagans was unable to say just who that person will be so let the speculation begin. When we know, you’ll know.

Bagans did go on to say that The Demon House is turning out to be a very “powerful” film that will “blow you away.

You can catch up on the original report regarding the house right here. Keep it locked for updates and more. Be sure to tune in to “Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks” every Saturday night on Travel Channel.”



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