TV Schedule Oct. 28 and 29 #GhostAdventures #Route666 @Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @BillyTolley @JayWasley


Friday, October 28

8 am  Deadly Possessions: Robert the Doll/Dibbuk Box

9 am Deadly Possessions: Conjure Chest/Massacre Wall

10 am  Deadly Possessions: Peggy the Doll/J. Murell’s Thumb

11 am Deadly Possessions: Bela Lugosi’s Mirror/ C. Manson’s TV

12 noon Deadly Possessions: E. Gein’s Cauldron/Crying Boy Paintings

1  pm Ireland’s Celtic Demons (2014 Halloween Special)

3 pm Deadwood: City of Ghosts (2015 Halloween Special)

5 pm Bell Witch Cave

6 pm ZoZo Demon

Saturday, October 29

12 noon The Domes

1 pm Fear Factory

2 pm The Haunted Museum

3 pm Sharon Tate Ghost

4 pm Exorcist House

5 pm Transylvania (2013 Halloween Special)

7 pm Odd Fellows Asylum

8 pm Reseda House of Evil

9 pm Route 666 (2016 Halloween Special) NEW

11 pm Black Dahlia House

Source: Travel Channel


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