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Zoraida Falto, “Zory”, I was born on the 3rd of July of 1973 into a loving home and family environment. I have lived all my life in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory that is similar to any state in the U.S.A. (same currency, US passport, everything really) and it’s located in the the Caribbean, about a 2 hour flight to Miami, Florida. 

I attended a bilingual American high school from K-12, graduating in 1991. After that I was accepted at Penn State University (State College, PA) and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science Major in Labor and Industrial Relations and with a Minor in Psychology. After returning to PR in 1997, I began legal studies at one of the best law schools in PR (PUCPR) and received My Juris Doctor (JD) and various graduating class awards (Constitutional Law, Legal Investigations, Magna Cum Laude) in 2001.  

I am involved in the administration/management of family business which includes many areas such as: real estate improvement, construction project management and development, and general investing (stocks, bonds and other). I am my own boss.

Having the opportunity to relate/communicate with alot of people has been challenging to say the least, but very fulfilling. Life has been my greatest university. You can’t make it on your own – you need a strong network of people helping you. You must stay level-headed and treat everyone as you want to be treated. Family is always #1 and I am happy to have two awesome brothers, my older one also a lawyer and my younger a successful business man and expert in cooking, wine and cigars.


I have always been a super fan of music and have a nice music collection including (vinyl LPs, cassettes, singles,  CDs, MP3s). Favorite music genres include: 80s and 90s music, hard rock, dance, trance, techno and electronica music. My first 45in LP – The GhostBusters Movie Theme – (and that’s the truth).

My favorite band of all time is U2. I have an extensive U2 Collection of Audio, Video, Media, Magazines, Posters, Tours…etc…

Other bands I love: Def Leppard, Queensrÿche, Muse, Pet Shop Boys.

I have been a U2 fan since 1985 and have been a podcaster since 2005 – recording/producing/hosting a U2 podcast all on my own – I created a sister blog to the podcast with anything and everything you would want to know about U2 – http://www.salu2podcast.com/. Listener and site visits come from around the world.  I love to travel to see U2 in Concert. I have done so 9 times already for the past two tours (Vertigo/U2360). BONO rules! 





I found a new love in the fall of 2008 – the Ghost Adventures Crew. The original documentary aired on the SCI FI Channel in 2007 and the Travel Channel Series began in October 2008. I have been an avid supporter ever since. I love traveling to GAC events, and have had the opportunity to investigate various locations with Zak, Nick and Aaron.

I was thrilled to continue my support for GAC via an internship with the crew since Feb. 2010 (Thanks Tara Bohren!).

As of Dec. 19, 2011 I became part of the new GAC Mgmt Team as GAC Gen. Mgr. (thanks guys) Also part of the new team is Brent White, online admin/webmaster for GAC and Zak sites: Official Zak SiteReaper Store and official GAC site.

It’s not a job/work, I am helping my friends! They asked for my help and I will be here for them always. I have been a supporter from the start (2008) Remember MYSPACE? – keeping up with the show, news, updates, events and their side projects – and I really appreciate their continued trust and opportunities.  Trust is earned – doesn’t happen overnight. TRUST LOYALTY RESPECT.


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[GAC events/investigations I have attended: Eastern State Pen (2010); Mansfield Reformatory (2010); Seattle/Kells (2010); Queen Mary (2010); Stanley Hotel 1 (2011); Scarefest 2011 (Zak and Aaron were there); Scarefest 2012 (Aaron and Nick were there), Scarefest 2013 (Zak and Aaron will be there); Stanley Hotel 2 (2011); Fort Mifflin, PA (2011); Virginia City, NV (2011); Mansfield Reformatory (March 2012).]


Paranormal investigating is something I love and see myself doing for quite a long time – learning more and more each day – I love it!

I have organized two very successful investigations: the first at Eastern State Penitentiary (Aug 19, 2011) and the second at Waverly Hills  (JUNE 21/22, 2012). Much more to come! Gotta keep working on those leadership skills! Love meeting new people and traveling to all these places. 


I like to be organized and try to leave a mark and a positive vibe in anyone I meet and interact with. I believe in Karma! Always do the best you can with what you know at the moment – BUT NEVER STOP LEARNING!  Tell the ones you love and care about that you do everyday!! 

I love Fitness Boxing, traveling, paranormal investigating (Zak would call it communicating with spirits), the net, music, blogging (I like HTML code), Apple products, chocolate, tea, gardening, cats, DIY Projects (home Depot is Disneyland to me), love interior decorating, U2 concerts. 

I have traveled to these countries: Spain, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Canada and USA (too many states/cities to mention here).  Want to travel to: Scotland and Germany.

My strengths will forever be MOM and DAD – they taught me well – I owe to them who I am today. My goal is to be as awesome as they were! I think about them everyday!!

My dad passed away from cancer on February 12, 2009 and my mom from surgery complications on January 21, 2010. Its been almost six years since dad passed away and five years since mom passed away – but they are so ever present in me and my life and everything I do. Will never ever forget them.

I currently live in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico with my two brothers and one cat (Boris) – Igor (my 19 year old cat) passed away on May 10, 2013. 

(UPDATED January 26, 2015)


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zoryu2

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GACGenMgr