TV Schedule Oct. 28 and 29 #GhostAdventures #Route666 @Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @BillyTolley @JayWasley


Friday, October 28

8 am  Deadly Possessions: Robert the Doll/Dibbuk Box

9 am Deadly Possessions: Conjure Chest/Massacre Wall

10 am  Deadly Possessions: Peggy the Doll/J. Murell’s Thumb

11 am Deadly Possessions: Bela Lugosi’s Mirror/ C. Manson’s TV

12 noon Deadly Possessions: E. Gein’s Cauldron/Crying Boy Paintings

1  pm Ireland’s Celtic Demons (2014 Halloween Special)

3 pm Deadwood: City of Ghosts (2015 Halloween Special)

5 pm Bell Witch Cave

6 pm ZoZo Demon

Saturday, October 29

12 noon The Domes

1 pm Fear Factory

2 pm The Haunted Museum

3 pm Sharon Tate Ghost

4 pm Exorcist House

5 pm Transylvania (2013 Halloween Special)

7 pm Odd Fellows Asylum

8 pm Reseda House of Evil

9 pm Route 666 (2016 Halloween Special) NEW

11 pm Black Dahlia House

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Travel Channel Pic Preview #GhostAdventures #DorotheaPuente @Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @BilyTolley @JayWasley


TRAVEL CHANNEL LINK: After an occupant claims to be visited by the late Dorothea Puente less than a week prior, Zak Bagans and the crew arrive in Sacramento, CA, to investigate the former home of the elderly serial killer. During the investigation, the crew finds potential evidence of undiscovered victims, and Zak is crippled by an unseen force.

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